About us

Harrow Community Transport (Harrow CT) is a registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee, which has been established for more than 30 years. When set up by founder and now Harrow CT President, Gladys Janes MBE, Harrow CT sought to serve the transport needs of people with disabilities within the London Borough of Harrow. Following many years of providing reliable and dedicated charitable services, Harrow CT has expanded its operational remit to provide a wider range of services to meet the mobility needs of our diverse membership, which includes both individuals and groups.

Our Vision Is to offer a high quality, low cost, accessible transport service, which provides those in need with the access to their community and to services that they require. We aim to work together with our membership and partners, in the development of the local community transport infrastructure.

Our Values
Quality of Life Provide services that improve and enhance our member’s quality of life
Social Inclusion Promote social inclusion through development of services that will combat social isolation within the communities we serve.
Equality Empower and promote equality by providing appropriate transport choices
Development Listen to and work with our members and partners to improve and develop our organization and the services we provide
Dedication Work for the benefit of others and provide an ongoing and sustainable resource for the people of the London Borough Harrow and its environs.

Our Organisation is governed by a management committee whose members have diverse relevant experience. This is Harrow CT’s board of trustees for the purposes of charity law.  The management committee meets every two months to consider the strategy and policy of Harrow CT, its financial position and to ensure its smooth and legal operation.  An Annual General Meeting  (AGM) is held each year where board members are appointed.

Our Staff deliver our services, and we have one full-time and eight part-time members of staff.  These include office staff, school bus and general drivers.

Volunteers support both Harrow CT and our members by providing essential administrative, driving, training and fund-raising help to deliver our services.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please contact us or visit our Volunteer page.  



"I'd like to say thank you to all the staff at Harrow Community Transport who are always willing and helpful. They will try and sort out any transportation problems I have whatever th...
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